Bare Root Pricing & Availability

Weather depending bare root plant material is shipped late -October -early April. Bare root plants are at least 1- 2 years old and #1 grade size.

Effective 3/6/2021 Bare root fern & perennial orders are no longer being accepted. Order will resume in late summer for Fall 2021/Spring 2022 orders.


Minimum orders for bare root trees and shrubs are 5 per species. Larger sizes and quantities require a minimum order of 50 of a single species; additional discounts may be available for single species quantities of 1000 or more. Not all items available are listed; please contact us for bid pricing.

Pricing and availability are subject to change at any time; Mid Atlantic Natives regrets any errors but is not obligated to honor pricing mistakes or discrepancies.



     Selecting bare root plants offers advantages over container grown plants in a number of ways, bare root plants are normally much less expensive than container-grown plants, are easier to inspect for damage or disease and weigh less when considering shipping and handling.  Utilizing bare root allows easier transport to planting sites and requires less material. This also means less waste in terms of container debris.

    If handled and planted properly, bare root plants grow just as well as those grown in containers. Keep in mind, because the roots are bare, they dry out very quickly and it is important to get them planted as soon as possible after buying, or store them correctly until ready for planting.  Directions for proper storage, transplant and planting are included with your order.

    Bare root plant material can be planted any time the soil is not frozen but before a plant is in full flush. Planting bare root is not recommended May-September (once a plant has "flushed" in spring or before dropping leaves and going dormant in fall).

    The native plants we grow and sell are nursery propagated from seed, cuttings and division of "parent" plants located on our own nursery properties or partner local sources.

     Our plants are never dug from the wild.