Elymus riparius, Riverbank Wild Rye

Chasmanthium latifolium, Northern sea oats, Indian wood oats
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  • Item #: ElyRi
  • Aquatic animal habitat support:
  • Attractive Fall Color:
  • Average - Dry soil:
  • Average to moist soil:
  • Average well drained soil:
  • Average Wildlife Value:
  • Clay Soil- High clay content, fine texture:
  • Dry-Moist Soil:
  • Erosion Control:
  • FACW- Usually occur in wetlands, but may occur in non-wetlands:
  • Flood Tolerant:
  • Four Season Interest:
  • Full - Part Sun (6+ hours of sun):
  • Grass/ Sedge/ Rush:
  • Groundcover:
  • Loamy Soil- mostly silt, sand, some clay:
  • Moist Soil:
  • Native to Coastal Regions:
  • Native to Piedmont Regions:
  • Occasionally wet soil (non tidal):
  • Organic soil- high level of decayed leaves, bark:
  • Part - Full Shade (less than 4 hours):
  • Salt Tolerant:
  • Sandy soil, coarse texture:
  • Small Mammals:
  • Songbirds:
  • Waterfowl:
  • Winter interest:
  • Full Sun:
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Riverbank Wild Rye is native to the eastern half of the US. As the name suggests, it does best along rivers and in riparian habitats. 
It can also survive in wet meadows and prairies. As a cool grass plant it will only actively grow in the spring and fall when the soil is cooler. 
Plant in wet soil with either partial or full shade and it will thrive. It actively grows during the spring and fall when soil temperatures are cool.

Riverbank Wild Rye is commonly used in streambank restoration as it helps control erosion.
The seeds, while not abundant, do a good job of self-seeding and help establish more populations along the riverbank. 
This plant is also deer resistant and is great food and nesting material for songbirds and waterfowl.
Plant Characteristics
Duration: Perennial
Habit: Grass/Grass-like
Leaf: Dark Green
Bloom Information
Bloom Color: Yellow
Bloom Time: Jul
USA: AR , CT , DC , DE , GA , IA , IL , IN , KY , MA , MD , ME , MI , MN , MO , NC , NH , NJ , NY , OH , PA , RI , SC , TN , VA , VT , WI , WV
Canada: ON
Native Habitat: Wet Meadow/Prairie/Field,Riparian
Growing Conditions
Water Use: High
Light Requirement: Part Shade , Shade
Soil Moisture: Moist
CaCO3 Tolerance: Medium
Soil Description: Organic, Clay, Loam, Sandy
Conspicuous Flowers: yes

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