Sparganium americanum, American Bur-reed

Sparganium americanum, American Bur-reed
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Sparganium americanum, American Bur-reed

An erect, grass-like, aquatic plant with zig-zag stalks bearing ball-like heads of tiny green flowers.

The Bur-reeds represent an important group of emergent plants that are partly in and partly out of the water; they frequently form dense stands along the edges of shallow lakes and ponds. The seeds are eaten by waterfowl and marsh birds, and muskrats feed on the entireplant. The Great Bur-reed (S. eurycarpum), which reaches a height of 7 feet (2.1 m), has two stigmas, not one as in the rest of the group; it is widely distributed. Floating Bur-reed (S. fluctuans) has a floating stem and floating ribbon-like leaves; it is found in cold ponds and lakes across Canada and New England west to Minnesota.

Bloom Color: Yellow , Green 
Bloom Time: May , Jun , Jul , Aug

Native Distribution: Ontario east to Newfoundland, south to Florida, west to Texas, and north to Kansas, Iowa, and Minnesota. 
Native Habitat: Shallow water, muddy shores. 

Water Use: High 
Light Requirement: Part Shade 
Soil Moisture: Wet 
CaCO3 Tolerance: Low 
Aquatic: yes
Soil Description: Clay, Loam, Sand

Use Wildlife: Birds, Other Showy Insects 
Conspicuous Flowers: yes
Attracts: Birds 


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