Viola sororia, Common Blue Violet

Viola sororia, Common Blue Violet
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 Viola sororia, Common Blue Violet

Fruit: Green with purple 
Size Class: 0-1 ft.

Bloom Color: White , Pink , Blue , Purple 
Bloom Time: Mar , Apr , May 

Water Use: High 
Light Requirement: Sun , Part Shade 
Soil Moisture: Moist 
CaCO3 Tolerance: High 
Soil Description: Moist, rich soils. 
Conditions Comments: Easily grown in average, medium wet, well-drained soil. Prefers humusy, moisture-retentive soils. Does not spread by runners, but freely self seeds to the point of being invasive in optimum growing conditions. 

Use Food: Violet leaves are high in vitamins A and C and can be used in salads or cooked as greens. The flowers can be made into candies and jellies. (Niering) 
Conspicuous Flowers: yes
Attracts: Birds 
Deer Resistant: High